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I have been making my print with high standard as the original artwork. Using pure carbon monochrome multiple shaded inks on selected fine art paper, final output is noticeably different. I developed my method of printing over 6 years. In Japan, there is a traditional paintings called "Sumi-e 墨絵" (ink wash painting). I consider my print is the modern version of "Sumi-e" and named it "SumiePrint 墨刷写真".

Printing service has started. SumiePrint printing service.

Satoki Nagata print

SumiePrint prices

Limited 10 edition (Matted framed)
18 in X 24 in, $2500

Open edition (Matted framed)
14 in X 18 in, $1250
10 in X 14 in, $750

Limited 25 edition
11 in X 8.5 in, $140

Limited 50 edition
5 in X 7 in, $20

For purchasing

Custom work

I make various print on request. This work is one of example made for hotel lounge (Le Meridien Chicago). Hand made custom resin coated print. For custom work, I make variety of print with printing company and/or artist.


Licensing / Collaboration

Licensing is offered for commercial, editorial, and for art work.

Please contact to satoki@satoki.com

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