Satoki Nagata

Photographer film maker

Born and raised in Japan, Satoki Nagata first came to the United States as a scientist. After ten+ years in the field of neuroscience, Satoki recognized the connective limitations of science. He soon thereafter reallocated his professional focus on visual creatives.

“Definition of Street Photography”

“Images created from the photographers’ distinct point of view to capture the dynamics between humans and their created outdoor environments”

The streets are created by us, humans. We alone have the ability to create, we lead our lives in the environments that we create. Thus, the points of creation and inhabiting are closely related.
Street photography therefore is the attempt to capture these dynamics through photographic images, from the photographers’ individual and distinct point of view.

Satoki Nagata
Chicago 2016-2021

Satoki Nagata Lights in Chicago 2015

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